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Happy Tails Pet Salon Services

Full Groom includes complementary bows, bandanas, and fragrance per request

Mini Groom- face, feet, and sanitary trim

Bath-​ ears, anals, nails, pads, shampoo and conditioner specific to skin type

It is very difficult to quote an accurate price for baths or grooming without meeting your pet.  We base our prices off the size/weight of your pet, coat condition, type of cut, and behavior.  Coat condition refers to matting, excessively dirty or soiled, and fleas/ticks.
Type of cut refers to the length you wish to leave your pet and style.  Hand stripping, longer lengths, and fancy breed cuts take more time and generally cost more than short pet trims.
Behavior problems that require assistance from other groomers in the shop may be charged handling fees.  For the safety of our groomers and your pet, dogs that behave very poorly and are aggressive will be referred to a vets office for grooming.

Included Services
-Please note that we are not veterinarians and will only do exterior anal gland expression. You may still need to take your pet to a vet if problems continue to occur. 
-Nail clipping will be attempted for every pet that comes in for a bath or groom. If your pet will not allow us to safely clip or dremel nails you will be referred to a Vet to have this done. The safety or your pet and our groomers is always our number one priority. 
-Nail grinding is included without extra charge if your pet allows us to use the dremel. We do not want to cause your pet undue stress.
-Ear Plucking and Cleaning will be done for each pet receiving a bath or groom unless we are otherwise instructed. We understand that some pets are more prone to problems with yeast and infection. Please let us know at drop off if you have special instructions.  

Additional Services
-Teeth brushing may also be requested for an additional $5 charge. This is not a deep teeth cleaning. 
-Hair color, bling, and nail pawlish are fun ways we can add a little pizazz to our pets but it is not suitable for all coat types and personalities. If you are interested in these special services please talk to your groomer when you make your appointment. Semi-permanent hair color takes extra time, because we book our appointments based off of groom time not factoring color we cannot add this service at drop off. If you wish to have color you MUST request it when you call to make your appointment.